Ignite is our name, physical activity is our game! This project aims to provide students with the opportunity to participate in various sport and recreational activities on campus, such as badminton, yoga, pilates, and wall climbing. Through our initiatives, we hope to integrate physical activity into the everyday lives of students by making it more accessible and appealing.


There’s nothing better than a relaxing yoga session at the end of a stressful day! Flow offers free weekly drop-in yoga classes to anyone on campus. Classes are led by a rotation of certified yoga instructors so you can try out different instructors’ styles! Flow is open to yogis of all levels and yoga mats are available for borrowing. Drop by one of our classes and leave feeling refreshed and motivated!




Targeted towards mental wellness, our YOUnique campaign hosts a variety of events. From calligraphy lesson and board game cafes to bullet journal workshops and cookie decorating sessions, YOUnique provides accessible events to all students on campus in need of a mental vacation. In addition, YOUnique promotes positive self-image through skill-building workshops, seminars, and social media campaigns.

Amazing Race

Twice a year, the Health & Wellness Movement hosts an Amazing Race. This race promotes different aspects of health in fun and innovative ways. The race itself is based on the reality TV show of the same name, and takes place on our very own campus, where students compete as teams. For an afternoon, these teams race to compete in physical and mental challenges, all while putting their campus knowledge to the test. This event is aimed at alleviating academic and mental stresses, particularly when school is at its most intense, through fun activities and friendly, yet fierce competition. It is a testament to our club philosophy of making activity both fun and engaging.


Fruit Stand.jpg


This project aims to improve UAlberta’s nutrition across campus! Nourish provides healthy alternatives and options for your lifestyle. You may often see us with our fruit cart, handing out fresh fruit, and offering alternatives to the common fast food found on campus. We also provide healthy food and refreshments to other HWM projects and events. Don’t be afraid to stop by, say hi, and pick up a fruit on the go!


CREATE | Social Content Generators & Design Team

The purpose of Create is to Hype up the student population about all of HWM’s events! In other words, we are the marketing team and the mind behind any of the posters, instagram posts or other ways to get the word out about the events of HWM. Taking it a step further, our job is also to hype up the core tenets of HWM’s philosophy through engaging posts, videos, and more! We are always open to creative minds (and differences)!